A cheater duping poor patients in public hospital in Vadodara nabbed

Vadodara: One Salim Ibrahim Malek, involved in cheating with patients and their relative in government run Sayaji hospital was held by police for cheating of Rs. 4500.

Shyamlal Dangi, resident of Ratlam district in Madhya Pradesh was in Sayaji hospital for treatment of his sister. Shyamlal had taken Rs. 5,000 on interest for his sister’s treatment. After ECG and sonogrphy tests when he was standing near OPD-7, Salim Ibrahim Malek introduced him as a security guard and asked for Rs. 4,500 for quick treatment and left the place. Dangi later filed complaint in police following which CCTV footage was checked. Accused Salim Malek was identified and arrested.


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