Ahmedabad: Traffic police constable, three towing van team members held for taking bribe

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) arrested Ukkad Kariya Vasava, Head Constable, L traffic police station, and three private persons working on the towing van — Mehul Natwar Gohel, Altaf Ramzan Sandhi and Salim Akbarkhan Pathan who instead of imposing a fine on the owner of a wrongly parked vehicle, sought to make illegal gains by seeking bribe. In a decoy trap, Rs 200 bribe money were recovered from Altaf, while Rs 100 was recovered from Salim.

A team led by ACB PI D V Prasad set up decoy trap and, aided by a citizen, parked a vehicle in the No Parking zone in Ranip area, from where it was promptly towed away to L Division Traffic police station. When the decoy went to collect his vehicle, the accused sought Rs 300 in bribe to not fine him and did not give a receipt, resulting in corruption. The sleuths then rushed in to make the arrest.

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