Clash between two communities in Central Gujarat, one dead

Anand:One person died and incidents of arson also took place when violence between two communities broke out in Akbarpur village under Khambhat police station of Anand district in central Gujarat.
According to police the dead person who had sustained bullet injury has been identified as local resident Vinod F Chawda.

The violence started when two groups started stone pelting after the Jumma Namaz in a local mosque. It is understood that the two groups belonging to different communities had a fight earlier on, on the Uttarayan day recently over kite flying. A group of people also burnt down over half a dozen kutcha/pucca houses also.

Police had to resort to tear gas shelling and also opened fire in the air to control the mob.

The situation was controlled and senior police officials were also camping in the area with deployment of additional police force there.

It was not yet clear whether the man killed during the violence was hit by police fired bullet or someone else from the mob had opened fire on him. The local said that he was not indulged in violence and was not a part of any clashing group.

Police was also tight lipped about it.


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