3rd largest global pizza chain Little Caesars enters India through Gujarat with its first vegetarian store

Ahmedabad: The third largest Pizza outlet chain across the globe, US based Little Caesars today said that it would start around 500 stores in Indian in next five years.

Senior Vice President (International) of the company Paula Vissing and its Regional Managing Director Ashok Lal today informed.

The company which was third largest Pizza outlet chain after Domino’s and Pizza Hut brands which were also based in the US but have large presence with around 1300 and 500 stores respectively in India, had made late entry in the Indian market in December last year with two stores here in Ahmedabad.

‘The company runs its business on franchisee model in all the 25 countries where it has operations except for the US. For India we conducted an in-depth research for almost 3 years regarding the changes we needed to do in our products to suit the local tastes. We also needed a suitable partner to launch our business properly in the Indian market. Because of it the entry was somewhat delayed,’ Ms Vissing said.

To a query she said that it was a misconception that eating Pizza was not good for health. ‘All it takes to make a pizza was flour, water and vegetables etc and how can it be bad for health. We procure fresh local items and use them to prepare pizza and we never compromise with the quality,’ she added.

She said that the company has partnered with Phoenix Nexus for launch of its business in India. The company owned by President Nandish Patel also runs many stores along the east coast in the US. In India the company has started its first vegetarian store across the globe. Patel has been made exclusive partner for the states like Gujarat and Maharashtra.
Regional Managing Director Lal said that there was huge potential in India with regard to the setting up of new Pizza outlets. ‘We have started our two stores in Gujarat recently and are working on moving somewhat slowly initially to have complete understanding of the conditions here. The expansion would be expedited later and in next five years we would set up around 500 stores across the country.

Patel, on the occasion said that the company has made several changes for the Indian products.

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