Trumps to be served Khaman, Kaju Katri during their visit

Ahmedabad: U.S. President Donald Trump will be in Gujarat with jet lag. The night time for him in America will be a day time here. He is therefore not likely to take heavy lunch during his brief Gujarat visit. However he may choose to take snacks. At Sabarmati Ashram visit tomorrow, Trumps will be served Gujarati variety Khaman, Kaju katri and more.

Chef Suresh Khanna from Fortune Landmark Hotel will be preparing food for US President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, PM Modi and other U.S. guests during their visit.

Chef Khanna has been assigned this task by Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Ltd (TCGL). Khanna said his team has prepared Multi Grain Cookies, Honey Bee Cookies, Gujarati snack variety Khaman (known as Dhokla outside Gujarat) and Apple Pie.

Khanna said, in Gujarat, only vegetarian food is served to foreign guests.


Welcome drink:

Assorted canned juice (orange/guava)

Tender coconut water (tetra pack)

Tea & coffee counter

American/English/Darjeeling/Assam/East grey/Green and Lemon tea

Assorted cookies (Honey bee, 7 grain, choco-chip)

Roasted almonds and cashew nut

Apricot and dry date

Snacks counter


Brocoli and Corn Button Samosa


Apple pie

Kaju katri

Exotic fresh cut fruits