Dinkar rollout from this year, districts with presence of lions and leopards to be covered first: Rupani

Gandhinagar: State Chief Minister Vijay Rupani while speaking in the State assembly said, rollout of Dinkar Yojana for supply of day-time agriculture power will start this year itself and a district in Saurashtra with jungle area will be covered first.

‘Some two months ago, Bagasara area was in grip of fear from leopard attacks. In response to concerns expressed by local people, the government started giving day-time agriculture power supply there as a temporary arrangement. However, the announcement made yesterday in State budget speech is for permanent solution. We implemented Jyotigram Yojana also in the past and saw how sub stations, capacity, wires, lines were upgraded. Dinkar Yojana will see similar exercise. It will be rolled out in three years span. Farmers will not require to go to farms to feed water post 9.00 pm after that. Presently we supply agriculture power in 8-8-8 hours shifts. Dinkar Yojana will ensure that shifts complete in 8-8 total 16 day-time hours so that farmers can rest during night hours. We are bringing a change. We are going to use lot of solar power while doing this. The Yojana rollout will start this year itself, especially in the district with jungle area where lions and leopards are found. Later the rollout will enter other districts, Chief Minister Rupani said.

Energy Minister Saurabh Patel said, ‘day time agriculture power supply would need huge infrastructure. Power arrives at Sub Stations from where it is supplied in different slots for allocation of certain hours to certain areas. We will need to work on transmission network, sub stations for implementation. Power can’t be stored. The day-time power generation plan will also be required. We have announced implementation in maximum three-years but rollout will start early and as the Yojana progresses, one by one districts will be covered.’


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