One booked in Palanpur over social media post regarding Tablighi Markaz

Palanpur: Palanpur West police station has filed complaint against one Dr. Lukmam Memon for creating a post on Facebook and making viral on social media platforms.

Memon had allegedly crated and made viral a message mentioning that ‘there’s an advise to media that it should not go after Jamat people, if they go after them, then there will be trouble for four months’.

The message was noticed by media persons including Atul Trivedi, Girish Chauhan and Hemendra Parmar as they were the members of a whatsapp group.

Such message was taken seriously by media persons as there was a threat in the message for media persons against coverage of Nizamuddin, Delhi based Markaz event of Tablighi Jamat which is responsible for spread of Coronavirus in at least 11 states of India.

Memon has been booked under IPC section 505(1)(C) and Disaster Management Act 2005, section 54.


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