Covid19 in Gujarat at 128 so far; Major share of Tabligh Jamat in fresh increase; 14-month old child in Jamnagar infected

Gandhinagar: Gujarat has now 128 Covid19 cases, up from 108 yesterday evening.Of them 21 are discharged, 94 are stable, 2 are on ventilator support. Ahmedabad has highest 53 cases so far. Since morning bulletin, 6 new cases detected and 4 discharged. Among new cases detected since morning in Gujarat are a 14-month old male child in Jamnagar and 90-year old male in Bhavnagar. A 14-month child has been kept on ventilator support at MP Shah, Jamnagar. The child is son of a migrant labourers couple native of Uttar Pradesh and presently working in Jamnagar.The couple are working as casual labourer in factories in GIDC in Dared village on the outskirts of Jamanagr city. Jamnagar collector says the child was admitted to GG Hospital in Jamnagar city on Saturday. His samples returned positive on Sunday. Source of his infection is yet to be ascertained. The victim’s family doesn’t have known travel history.

Other new cases detected are from Surat, Morbi, Bhuj and Bhavnagar (2).

Morning bulletin

Gandhinagar: Gujarat has now 122 Covid19 cases, up from 108 yesterday evening including 03 from Tabligh Jamat hotspot. Today 10 new cases are detected that are linked to Tabligh Jamat cluster. In addition to this, one more case is from Bhavnagar, one other is from Ahmedabad and two other cases are from Surat. None of total 122 cases is on ventilator. 94 are stable at present, 17 are discharged and 11 are dead so far.