• Opposition Congress party has announced march to Gandhinagar on September 28 protesting farm bills passed by parliament.

Prahlad Jani, known as Chundadiwala Mataji passes away

Ambaji: Prahlad Jani, who is famous as Chundadiwala Mataji, passed away today at Charada in North Gujarat. Jani came to limelight for a claim that he was living without food or water for last over seven decades. He was kept under medical observation for some period about ten years ago in a hospital in Ahmedabad with CCTV vigil. A team of doctors had at the end of the research concluded that he could actually survive without food or water. Jani’s ashram is located near Ambaji Gabbar. He will be given samadhi (last rites) on May 28 at 8.15 am at his ashram place. According to his followers, Jani was 95 years old.