Two Jain Monks arrested over complaint of ten-year old incident of sexual abuse with a 75-year old lady

Idar: Leading Jain community member of Idar, Dr. Ashit Doshi had file complaint earlier this week against two Jain monks of Pavapuri Jal Mandir for sexual abuse with a 35-year old Surat based woman on 27 December 2019. However when Idar Police visited Surat for questioning, the victim women took U-turn and said she had captured video of Jain monks sexually abusing her as per instruction of Dr. Doshi.

This had made difficult situation for Police, as on one hand Jain community members were demanding arrests of two monks, while on the other hand the victim had taken different stand.

However on Saturday afternoon, Idar Police arrested accused Jain monks on complaint of a 75-year old lady from Idar. Complainant lady told police that Raja Maharaj, one of accused Jain monks had tried to sexually abuse her about ten years ago and pushed her to bed. Police arrested both Jain monks and took them to Civil hospital for medical check up. The accused were later taken to Idar Police station.

Meanwhile, the people from Jain community gathered outside the police station with shirts and pent and asked police to dress both accused in these cloths, claiming that they were not suitable for monk like dresses anymore for what they have done.