• Roads damaged by excess rains in Gujarat will be made fine again by Navratri to Diwali period: Dy CM Nitin Patel
  • 1430 cases of Coronavirus detected in Gujarat in 24 hours ending at 5 pm today as per the State health department

Age of expantionism is over, History is witness that expansionist forces have either lost or were forced to turn back: PM Modi in Leh

Leh: Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing the Armed Forced jawans at Leh in Union Territory Ladakh amid India-China standoff that the era of expansionism is over.

The Prime Minister Modi said, ‘The era of expansionism is over. This is the era of developmentalism. Only developmentalism is relevant in present fast changing world. Developmentalism creates opportunities and strong base for bright future. In previous centuries, expansionism harmed humanity the most. Whoever has been taken over by expansionism has caused threat to the world peace. Don’t forget that history is witness, that such powers have either lost or forced to turn back. This is the experience of the world always. And on the basis of this experience, again, now this time the entire world has made up mind against expansionism. Today the world is dedicated to developmentalism and welcome the competition for development.’

The Prime Minister said, ‘Whenever I think about any decision regarding protecting the country, I remember two mothers. First is our own Bharat Mata (Mother India) and the other are the brave mothers who have give birth to parakrami soldiers like you.’

PM said, ‘we are the same people who worship the flute holding Krishna but we are also the same people who idolize and follow ‘Sudarshana Chakra’ holding Krishna.’


– Your courage is higher than the heights where you are posted today: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing soldiers in Ladakh

– I once again pay my tributes to the brave soldiers martyred in Galwan Valley

– Atmanirbhar Bharat ka sankalp aapke ke tyaag, balidaan , pursharth ke karan aur bhi mazboot hota hai

– The bravery of 14 Corps will be talked about everywhere. Tales of your bravery and valour are echoing in every house in the country

– Bharat Mata’s enemies have seen your fire and fury

-Those who are weak can never initiate peace, bravery is a pre-requisite for peace

-Whether World Wars or peace, whenever the need arises, the world has seen the victory of our braves and their efforts towards peace. We have worked for the betterment of humanity

-We are the same people who pray to the flute playing Lord Krishna but we are also the same people who idolize and follow the same Lord Krishna who carries the ‘Sudarshana Chakra’

– I am looking at women soldiers in front of me. In the battlefield at the border this view is inspiring….Today I speak of your glory

– We have increased expenditure on development on infrastructure in the border area by three times