Sacrifice clay goats instead of living animals: Anti-animal cruelty volunteers demand

Ahmedabad: Animal lovers, anti-animal cruelty organization volunteers with banners at Gitaben Rambhiya chowk in Ahmedabad today evening, appealed for Bakra Eid celebration without Qurbani (sacrifice) of goats. The volunteers part of this ‘save goats’ display demanded eco – friendly Bakra Eid.

The volunteers also held display outside IIM Ahmedabad and suggested that clay goats should be used for sacrifice custom on Bakra Eid instead of slaughter of real innocent living goats.

According to Bachubhai Rambhiya of Shri Gitaben Rambhiya Smruti Ahimsa Trust, Muslims will kill hundreds of animals legally and illegally on the occasion of Bakra Eid on July 31.Rambhiya Trust rescues silent animals for last many years consistently. The Government should come out with an order that on the occasion of Bakra Eid, instead of giving sacrifice of living silent animals, clay goats should be chosen for sacrifice.