AMUL introduces immunity booster ice cream variety priced at Rs. 40/cup

Anand: AMUL for the first time has launched Haldi Ice Cream with the goodness of Haldi, Pepper and Honey and richness of dry fruits like dates, almonds and cashews. The product is available at a price of Rs 40 for 125mL tamper proof Cups packing.

Haldi Ice Cream is being packed at manufacturing plants in North and West India having production capacity of 5,00,000 packs per day.AMUL shall soon be launching Immuno Chakra Ice Cream – the Health trinity of Haldi – Ginger- Tulsi in delicious tri-colour Ice Cream stick of 60 ml and Star Anise Doodh in the 200 ml Can.

AMUL statement says: Turmeric is known for its antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties. For centuries, traditional systems like Ayurveda have used haldi, both fresh and as a dried spice powder, to promote health. In fact, turmeric is a widely researched spice commonly used in cooking, as a dietary supplement, and even for beauty purposes. Turmeric is also referred as a super food world over for various health promoting properties. Pepper is another spice that is known to Indian households and is an knows to treat respiratory diseases and good for digestion. Honey is rich in antioxidants and helps suppress cough. The addition of dryfruits like dates, almonds and cashews makes the entire experience very healthy, wholesome and enjoyable in this festive season.

While the world is learning to cope with the Covid19 pandemic till we get an antidote for it, people have come to learn and follow the ancient ways of keeping the immunity high with the help of Ayurveda and practicing a healthy life style. This shall not minimize the risk of Covid’19 but also any other disease.

To provide a ready to drink options to the consumers across the country, Amul has already launched immunity booster beverages range – Amul Haldi Doodh, Amul Tulsi Doodh, Amul Ginger Doodh and Amul Ashwagandha Doodh.


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