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Hot trends defining the online gaming industry in India

India’s economy is suffering harshly we all know that. This pandemic has caused a lot of harm to the lives as well as to the capital. However, even in this slow economy, there is one industry which is booming.

With more people at home now there is more spare time in the hands of each individual and thus their investment in gaming has increased a lot. The internet revolution has already boosted the gaming sector and now with more time in hands, it has just put people Infront of their gaming device enjoying hours of gaming. Nearly 60% of gamers in India are below the age of 24 which means this is a hot industry specifically among youths.

Overall, in India, there are more than 300 million online gamers according to the All India Gaming Federation. Most of the youth here are introduced to games by peer or family and play it for relief from stress and to improve their social interaction by spending some happy time. This is a big rising industry and is expected to reach Rs 11, 400 crores by 2023 which is a lot. The industry is not getting investments from the global gaming giant. For example, Tencent’s PUBG has said to change the mobile gaming ecosystem in India forever. It is said that PUBG is adding RS 200 to 300 crore of revenue into Tencent alone from India. Apart from this the growing popularity of online casino sites is also adding a lot to the revenue of the gaming industry in India.

The top trends which define the current gaming industry and its growth here are:

Strategy and Action Games

We all grow up solving puzzles gifted to us by friends or family apart from this India are crazy for action films and this is also very clearly reflected in the gaming trend of India. The top three gaming genres in India are strategy, action ad puzzle. They all have an intense role of decision making and thus players are interested to play the game for a long time where each decision matters.

According to a report, the time an average player spends on action game has increased over by 427% in the past year. This is a growth which one can’t even imagine and clearly states the revolution that has been happening.

The popularity of Multiplayer games

A multiplayer game is a game where more than one person can play at a time with each by going at a particular server. So, imagine you can play a game with another player from a completely different country sitting at the comfort of the home. Now more than one-third of players are engaged in multiplayer gaming.

This is because it does not depend on such a game is interested if it is a single-player game there are more chances of a player getting bored quickly. But with multiplayer gaming, the interests held for a long time.

Real Money Gaming on the rise

Real money gaming is on the rise and it comes under online gaming. With much time on hand, people are now more invested in the gambling industry. Apps and software are on the rise and people are now more into these games. It has also turned out to be a sizeable source of income for some players. This is a multiplayer format game which is to be played online with friends or with any player around the world. There has been a lot of competition being held by these organisations as well to make this more interesting.

Poker has been grabbing a lot of attention as people are now more willing to put their money into online gambling and enjoy the benefits of the game sitting right from their home.

Fantasy Game

Fantasy gaming was considered for a long time illegal in India because it was often confused with betting and gambling but the success of Dream 11 fantasy sports has validated this entire industry. The industry has grown over 25 times in the last three years. The fantasy sports have been rising are acting as a revelation in the Indian gaming scene. Cricket continues to dominate this segment as more and more people have started joining this fantasy league recently.