Coast Guard rescues two boats with 15 fishermen onboard off Gujarat coast

Porbandar: Indian Coast Guard (ICG) rescued 15 fishermen on two fishing boats stuck in heavy sea state and strong winds off Gujarat coast.

Commandant M Aggarwal of Gandhinagar based headquarters of Coast Guard region (NW) today said, a Coast Guard Ship Samudra Pavak during routine patrol received a VHF call at about 1215 hrs from IFB Harshad with 08 crew (reg. No. IND-GJ-10-MM 737) regarding engine breakdown 36 NM south west off Jakhau. In heavy sea state and strong winds, ship proceeded to the position with best speed for accessing the situation.Fishing boat ‘Harshad Sagar’ reported non-starting of engine and sought assistance.

Considering the inclement sea conditions, the boat was taken under tow and in the meanwhile another fishing boat IFB Al Labbek with 07 crew (reg. No. IND-GJ-110-MM 13876) contacted the ship on VHF for assistance view fouling of propeller with fishing nets 26 nm south west off Jakhau. Accordingly IFB Al Labbek was also taken on tow and both IFB were towed towards safety.

Subsequently, IFB Harshad and IFB Al Labbek with 15 crew were handed over to IFB Al Badri\ (reg. No. IND-GJ-15-MM 3796) arranged by owner for further towing assistance till Jakhau harbour.