Increase is number of covid cases in Ahmedabad: 108 emergency service to add 10 more covid ambulances

Sabarmati: The city of Ahmedabad has at present 20 covid ambulances functioning under the ‘108’ emergency service. In view of increase in number of cases recently, a decision has been taken to add 10 more ambulances to existing covid fleet. Jashvant Prajapati, COO of 108 emergency service shared this update.

Prajapati said, there was an issue of delay in hospitalization of covid patients at AMC run Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (SVP) public hospital recently, due to which ambulances under 108 service would require to wait for 15 to 60 minutes outside SVP against the average hospitalization time of 10-12 minute. After talks with SVP and senior most officers of AMC, resolution has arrived in this issue.

Worth noting that due to long waiting period outside SVP, covid ambulances would stuck at SVP and therefore remain unavailable for fresh call during that period.