AMC approves three hotels/hostel to function as Covid Care Centres

Ahmedabad: Amdavad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has given approval to three hotels and one hostel located near linked hospitals as covid care centres. The patients who don’t need oxygen or ventilator support can be admitted to these covid care centres. Their treatment through medicines and injections will be done by expert doctors from linked hospitals nearby.

As many as 378 additional beds have been created through this arrangement, said AMC note which also added that the decision has been taken in response to representations made by hospitals.

Such covid care centres created in hotels and hostel will be under supervision of linked hospital. Those covid positive patients who don’t need hospitalization but require isolation can be kept in such covid care centres if their residence lack space for isolation. Old-age covid patients in home isolation if require further monitoring, can also be shifted to such covid care centres.

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