Four Hindu independents support AIMIM over BJP; Combo gets power in Godhra Municipality

Godhra: Asaduddin Owaisi led AIMIM party has in collaboration of independents, come to power in Godhra municipality of Central Gujarat post recently concluded election of civic bodies.

Godhra Municipality has total 44 councilors.

Incumbent Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had won 18 seats, all Hindus, and emerged as leading party, but 5 short of majority.

Owaisi led AIMIM won 7 seats, all Muslims.

Independents had also won 18 seats, among them 5 are Hindus while 13 are Muslims.

Congress had won just one seat, a Muslim as winning candidate.

Any party would require 23 councilors to cross half mark.

If five independent councilors had decided to support BJP, the party could come to power again. There were five Hindu independent councilors and it was expected that their natural support would go to BJP.

However four of five independent Hindu councilors, a lone Muslim councilor of Congress and other  independent Muslim councilors decided to collaborate with Owaisi led AIMIM.

AIMIM-independent combo required 23 councilors to cross half mark. It attracted 16 independent councilors including 4 Hindus to get majority in addition to support of one Muslim councilor of Congress party. (7 – AIMIM, 12 Muslim independents, 4 Hindu independents, 1 Congress, in total 24)

BJP got support of only one Hindu independent councilor Sejal Bhargavkumar Soni. With this BJP’s tally reached 19 against requirement of 23.

With this, AIMIM is all set to rule the local civic body in Godhra, the district headquarters town of Panchmahal district of Central Gujarat.

Independent supporter Sanjay Soni has been elected president of Godhra municipality while independent candidate Akram Patel has been made Vice President with support of AIMIM in Godhra municipality.

Four independent Hindu councilors who have supported and allied with Majlis party AIMIM are Naresh Pitambardas Ramnani alias Naribhai tiger , Gauri Jitendrabhai Patel, Sanjay Champaklal Soni and Rajesh Viththaldas Darji (Raju Darji). DeshGujarat

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