Twenty devotees to leave worldly life, take Diksha to become Jain monk in Pepral

Tharad: Twenty devotees will leave worldly life and take ‘diksha’ to become Jain monk on April 25 on the occasion of Aatmodhar-4 at Peparal Tirth in Tharad in presence of Gachchhadhipati Shri Nityasensuriji and Shri Jayratnasuriji.

Out of the twenty diksharthi, 8 are males while 12 are females. 6 diksharthi are from Ahmedabad, 6 are from Tharad, 3 from Surat, 2 from Disa, 1 from Mumbai and 1 from Madhya Pradesh.

Three out of twenty diksharthis belong to same family, two are cousin sisters, one is topper in board examination, and one is poet.

The Covid-19 guidelines are to be followed during various events of this occasion, as informed by Amrutlal Shah, from the community. All Diksharthi will be honored in Surat on 11th April, 2021.

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