Gujarat hasn’t reduced Covid19 tests, then what actually matters is positivity rate which is 8.5% : Rupani

Gandhinagar: Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani today in reply to a media question said Gujarat is conducting Covid19 tests very well and tests are not reduced.

‘Gujarat conducted 1.39 lakh tests yesterday against 1.07 lakh in Bihar, 61,000 in Chhattisgarh, 52,000 in Haryana, 1 lakh in Andhra Pradesh, 77,700 in Rajasthan, 64,500 in West Bengal and 79,000 in Delhi. So we are conducting sufficient tests,’ he said.

He added, ‘then positivity rate is linked to tests conducted. Whether you conduct lesser tests or more, positivity rate is important. In other states the rate is as high as 25 per cent but in Gujarat it is 8.5 per cent and that is important. It is the positivity rate that needs to go down and should not rise. In Surat positivity was decreasing so as cases.’

Rupani said Gujarat in the second wave witnessed 14,500 cases and then it has come down to 12,000. He said the State has increased covid beds from 41,000 to 1 lakh in hospital across the State. The State has increased its oxygen supply from 250 tons to 1100 tons, and by God grace no hospital has felt shortage of oxygen. Uninterrupted supply of oxygen has continued without a break. Rupani said there has been five-six fold increase in number of covid cases in the second wave of pandemic compared to the first wave.


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