Gujarat crosses 3.50 crore mark of covid vaccination doses; highest 5.75 lakh jabbed on August 5

Gandhinagar: The count of total vaccine doses administered against Covid-19 in Gujarat has crossed 3.50 crore mark, said the State government. Today on August 5, highest 5.75 lakh doses were administered.

Total 5,81,446 vaccine doses were administered today by 5 pm taking up the total number of vaccine doses administered in the state so far at 3,50,01,034.

The State has witnessed over 2.64 crore first doses and 85.43 lakh second doses of covid vaccines administered so far.

There are total over 4.93 lakh eligible persons above 18 age in the State. DeshGujarat

Official Government Press Release

Gujarat sets record of giving 5.81 lakh doses of vaccine in a single day on August 5, 2021, taking the total to over 3.50 crore doses so far in the state under guidance of Chief Minister Vijay Rupani

Gandhinagar, Thursday: Gujarat sets a new record of giving over 5.81 lakh doses of vaccine in the state in a single day on August 5, 2021 as a preventive step against coronavirus as part of the intensive state-wide drive under the guidance of Chief Minister Vijay Rupani and Deputy Chief Minister Nitinbhai Patel.

This takes the total to over 3,50 crore doses of vaccine administered so far, since the drive was launched on January 16, 2021.

Out of 4,93,20,903 people in the above-18 age group entitled for vaccination in the state, 2,64,57,439 people have been given the first doze of vaccine and 85,43,595 given the second dose, totaling 3,50,01,034 doses so far.

In the first phase, vaccine was given to healthcare workers, giving first dose to 6,22,949 healthcare workers and second dose to 5,10,673 so far.

Gujarat was the first state to give vaccine to frontline workers from January 31, 2021 in the state, giving first dose to 13,42,611 frontline workers and second dose to 10,05,640 so far.

Gujarat next took all senior citizens above-60 age group and those suffering from other diseases in the 45-59 age group for the vaccination programme.

The state next decided to cover all people above-45 age group from April 1, 2021, having covered 1,25,26,372 with the first dose and 62,45,766 with the second dose.

Gujarat started vaccinating people in the 18-44 age group on the state’s last foundation day on May 1, 2021 in seven municipal corporations and three districts, and in all corporations and districts from June 5, 2021, having covered 1,19,65,507 with first dose and 7,81,516 with second dose so far. (Information)

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