Rs. 111 crore Iconic Destination Development Projects proposed for Somnath

Gandhinagar: The Government of India may soon announce a new scheme called ‘Iconic Destination Development (IDDS)’ for the development of 19 iconic destinations across the country including Somnath in Gujarat, Konark in Odisha and Hampi in Karnataka.

Various development works at Prabhas Patan – Somnath in Gujarat have been completed by the Central Government through PRASHAD scheme launched by the Narendra Modi government. The next line of development works worth Rs. 281.56 crore will be implemented under proposed IDDS which is 100 per cent central government sponsored. The projects will kick off after approval by Gujarat government to Detailed Project Report (DPR).

A project cost as per the revised final master plan for development of Somnath under IDDS is pegged at Rs. 281.56 crore, of which the cost specific to Ministry of Tourism is estimated at Rs. 111.03 crore.

The intervention area of redevelopment master plan of Somnath shall be 5,02,496 sqm (50 ha). The salient features of the project include integrated tourist/pilgrim experience, streamlined access to and provision of basic amenities (tourism infrastructure), pedestrian friend access, regularization of pedestrian movement, designated parking, provision of gardens and open spaces, organized vending zones and dedicated space for informal and formal commercial activities, walkable and safe streets and walkways with lighting, street furniture, shaded, resting spaces and landscape, regularized built forms and designs to enhance the sanctity of the temple and enhanced ambience of the temple precinct.

Out of Rs. 111.03 crore works, Rs. 17.37 crore works of beachfront development (beach access and board walks) are already implemented under the existing PRASHAD scheme of Central government.

The other works that are proposed in the master plan include Rs. 19.80 crore relocation/redevelopment of existing shopping complex as per new master plan with enhanced visibility and integration, Rs. 2.35 crore heritage walk and upgradation of arch. sites including signages, Rs. 26 crore redevelopment of museums, cave museum, Rs. 16 crore riverfront development (around Geeta mandir and Triveni sangam; physical connectivity and recreational edge dev.), Rs. 2.93 crore development of eco-village/haat showcasing regional craft and cuisines, Rs. 16.13 crore development of Eco Resort to provide niche accommodation experience to national and international tourists. Rs. 10.46 crore soft intervention is also proposed for AV/VR, itinerary development, mobile app, feasibility studies and training programs. DeshGujarat

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