Time To Compare: Find 5 Top home UPS Battery With Prices from Luminous

A home UPS battery is the engine that powers the inverter and therefore, the battery you buy must be able to keep delivering consistent power to the inverter unit over years. You don’t want to invest in a battery that’s no good and is likely to wear out within just a couple of years.

So, we are bringing you a list of 5 batteries with the UPS battery price from the house of Luminous that are the absolute best when it comes to powering your home for years to come without having to spend a fortune on maintenance and other related costs.


Image Courtesy: Luminous

  1. Luminous Gel Battery – IGSTJ18000

The IGSTJ18000 is a GEL battery and is priced at ₹22050 MRP. This battery is perfect for anyone looking for a power backup with ZERO maintenance. It delivers 20% more consistent power throughout its service life and comes with a 48* months warranty


  • Uses Gel Technology for More Efficiency
  • Provides consistent backup throughout the service life
  • ZERO maintenance costs
  • Environment friendly with minimal gas emissions

Image Courtesy: Luminous

  1. Luminous Battery 150 Ah – LM18075

The LM18075 is a 150 Ah capacity, 12V tubular battery. The UPS battery price for this is ₹26360 MRP and is ideal for areas with prolonged power cuts. Its pencil-type armoured tubular plates have been custom designed to provide a consistent power supply. The battery requires very little maintenance and offers better safety. Moreover, the fast charge recovery rate means that the battery charged and ready quickly.


  • It’s one of the longest-lasting Tubular batteries
  • Exceptional charge acceptance with deep discharge capability
  • Ideal for long and less frequent power cuts
  • Requires minimum maintenance

Image Courtesy: Luminous

  1. Luminous Battery 220 Ah – ILTT26060

The ILTT26060 comes at ₹26150 MRP and is a 220 Ah, 12V tubular battery that comes with 30% more acid volume per ampere hour which is higher compared to an ordinary tubular battery. It comes in a high-durability sealed plastic housing and its puncture-resistant polyethylene separator reduces the risk of short circuits that could take place internally.

If you are looking for a battery that can offer exceptional backup during long and less frequent power cuts, then you should check out the Luminous ILTT26060.


  • Trusted for its exceptional performance
  • Long service life with a great backup time
  • Suitable for areas with prolonged power cuts
  • Requires very little maintenance

Image Courtesy: Luminous

  1. Luminous Battery 150 Ah – IL18030FP

The UPS Battery Price is ₹13970 MRP. The IL18030FP is a flat plate battery that offers great backup with long service life. The battery is designed to provide consistent backup for short and frequent power cuts with a unique flat plate design that uses a proprietary alloy composition. The battery requires very little maintenance and is lightweight and compact in size ideal for smaller homes/shops.


  • Provides optimal backup during frequent power cuts
  • Faster rate of charging
  • Pocket friendly in comparison to tubular and gel battery

Image Courtesy: Luminous

  1. Luminous Battery 180 Ah – ILTT24060

The UPS battery price is ₹23210 MRP and this 180 Ah, 12V battery comes with a 60* months warranty. It offers superior performance and is made using a high-purity, corrosion-resistant proprietary spine alloy composition which ensures a longer battery life.


  • Offer excellent backup time with a long service life
  • Best for long power cuts
  • Tower-type container with high acid level and requires minimum maintenance

Luminous has an excellent range of GEL, Tubular, and Flat Plate Batteries designed to offer exceptional backup for both short and longer-duration power cuts. And no matter which one you end up buying, one thing is for sure that all of them are backup by luminous’ trust factor which has made a formidable name for itself by offering only the best in class when it comes to backup solutions.




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