The Best Books from NFL Coaches

The majority of football fans enjoy the chance to learn some of the top lessons from NFL coaches. Which book should you read to find out more about how these leaders carry out their jobs and what they have learned along the way?

The Score Takes Care of Itself: My Philosophy of Leadership by Bill Walsh

Bill Walsh was one of the most successful NFL coaches of all time, winning 3 Super Bowls with the San Francisco 49ers and helping to bring the West Coast offense to the game. He also acted as head coach for the Stanford Cardinal and is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

This book isn’t about football as such, as it takes a wider look at how to lead teams and look after people so that they can do the best possible job. Walsh says that you need to look for intelligent solutions, and when you do that the score takes care of itself.

He takes us back to when he took over at the 49ers and turned them from one of the NFL’s weaker teams into a powerhouse. The format used in this book turns the lessons learned into a sort of business-success format that might not be to everyone’s taste, especially those looking mainly for football stories.

Above the Line: Lessons in Leadership and Life from a Championship Program by Urban Meyer with Wayne Coffey

Meyer is currently head coach at the Jacksonville Jaguars, after a long and varied career that has taken him from being the defensive backs coach at St. Xavier HS through a wide range of places and job titles. His job is currently in danger after a poor start to the season, but even if he was coaching the worst team in NFL history, there is no denying his place as one of the most experienced football coaches right now.

This title is a New York Times bestseller, and it tells us how he views matters like leadership and team building. He also reveals the plan that he used every day during the championship season that he enjoyed with Ohio State.

This book looks back at numerous examples from his long career, showing how he looks to build a culture where success and trust go together. It is an example of how we can turn setbacks around and look to achieve success in any walk of life.

Gridiron Genius: A Master Class in Winning Championships and Building Dynasties in the NFL by Michael Lombardi

Rather than being a coach, Lombardi has worked in various football executive positions such as scout, assistant to the coaching staff, and general manager / VP. He did that at huge franchises such as the San Francisco 49ers and the Philadelphia Eagles, among others.

In recent years, he has been focusing on writing about sport as well as talking about it on shows. This 2018 book looks at the skills needed to succeed as an NFL coach, as well as all of the details put in by famous names like Bill Walsh and Bill Belichick.

Wins, Losses, and Lessons: An Autobiography by Lou Holtz

This 2007 autobiography comes from one of college football’s most successful and respected coaches. Holtz built his legacy with teams such as North Carolina State University and the University of South Carolina, enjoying success with various of his teams over a long career. He is the only coach to lead 6 different teams to bowl games at the end of the season, and is fondly remembered in places like Fayetteville.

The book takes a long look at all of the many challenges and triumphs he has faced over the years, with a healthy dose of wit and plenty of honesty. It gives us a fascinating look at the history of the game and how one of its best coaches managed to inspire and improve so many players.

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