Ghari sell touches new record in Surat as pandemic situation improves

Surat: The city of Surat has tradition to consume large quantity of Ghari sweets on the occasion of Chandni Padvo every year which falls around Sharad Poornima.

Southern Gujarat’s Sumul dairy has set a target to sell 100 tonne ghari sweets including Kesar-Badam-Pista and Sugar-Free flavors of ghari this year ahead of Chandni Padva, and the response is overwhelming. The dairy has sold 60 tonne ghari in just three days.

Last year, SUMUL had sold 80 tonne ghari, all made without human touch, through state-of-the-art machinery. This year due to improved situation of covid-19 pandemic, the dairy has set target to sell 20 tonne more ghari compared do previous year.

Meanwhile, Chauta bazar based 123 years old Jamnadas Ghariwala has made ghari sweets using machine for the first time which churns out 28 ghari sweets per minute. There’s minimal human touch in making of Ghari through machines. The firm has introduced 7 flavors of ghari this year.

In another development, Bhagal char rasta based Thakor Mithaiwala has developed Gold Ghari sweet. Each piece costs Rs. 450, of which Rs. 300 is the value of golden layer. DeshGujarat

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