Revenue Minister raids corruption-ridden office of department after sting operation on his own suggestion

Ahmedabad: On a complain of a senior lawyer of Gujarat High Court Dipen Dave regarding corruption in Revenue department’s Ahmedabad office, the State Revenue Minister Rajendra Trivedi himself suggested that a sting operation should be done. Dave did a sting operation and sent the recording and details to Trivedi. The Revenue Minister later himself visited the corruption-ridden office in Ahmedabad and ordered transfer of office staffers and departmental inquiry.

Trivedi speaking to media persons said: Dipen Dave is a senior advocate in the High Court. He exposed this and came forward bravely. He had visited me and informed about malpractice. I had asked him to do sting operation and give me the details. I have paid sudden visit today to this office. The staffers have admitted that Pankaj Shah was sitting here in this office on table. This can’t be done without permission of superior officials. Another person Rajubhai Parekh was also occupying a table in this government office. Both are missing today. How these persons can be allowed to sit in government office? Pankaj Shah would first demand Rs. 7,000 to clear a document, and if someone has come with a bulk of papers, this Pankaj Shah would go inside the office of superior officer and comeout with offer of discounted rate of Rs. 4,000.

Revenue Minister further said: I appeal the people to come forward and give in writing their experience if they have paid bribe. I have ordered transfer of entire staff of this office. If they don’t cooperate, they will face further action. Departmental actions will be taken. The staffers have in presence of media said that outsiders were illegally sitting in the office with permission of main officer KK Shah. If they are allowed to sit like this, a common visitor would obviously think that they are the government staffers. This can’t be tolerated. This is very serious issue. Dipenbhai did a sting operation and recorded the talk after my suggestion. In recording, it can be clearly heard that initially Rs. 7,000 bribe and later after barganing Rs. 4,000 bribe was demanded. DeshGujarat