Curiosity, conjecture rife after water in pond near Koreti village turns pink

Kutch: The water of a pond located near Koreti village of Suigam taluka has turned pink coloured, fanning curiosity and fuelling conjecture. Villagers are calling it a miracle of Lord Mahadev, whose temple is located in the vicinity of the pond.

The water in the pond is muddy and hard and the dissolved salts could be a reason for the change in colour, according to village leaders.

Vav-Suigam taluka is located on the edge of the small Rann of Kutch and the colour of water in several puddles of the small rann undergoes changes during the Summer.

The colour of the water in the pond is akin to somebody sprinkling it with ‘Gulaal’.

An ancient temple of Lord Shiva is located in the village, where even the Pandavas from the Mahabharat era are believed to have offered prayers.

Ordinary villagers claim that the change in colour of the water is nothing less than the miracle of Lord Shiva. They are bowing before the pond and even applying the coloured water on their foreheads as a mark of respect.

The colour of Lonar lake water in Maharashtra’s Buldhana district had turned pink about two years ago, a Pune-based institute had carried out research and concluded that the water body had turned pink due to a large presence of the salt-loving ‘Haloarchaea’ microbes.

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