Cops use GUCTOC to crackdown on Surat’s dreaded Mindi gang

Surat: The Athwa police in Surat city have taken recourse to the GUJCTOC (Gujarat Control of Terrorism and Organized Crime Act) to crack down on the dreaded Mindi gang infamous in Bhaga Talav, Nanpura and Kadarsha Ni Naal areas of the city for carrying out a litany of anti-social activities, detaining 5 of its members.

Operating under the leadership of Arif Mindi, offences such as murders, attempt to murder, extortion, abductions, inter-gang violence, bullying and browbeating, usurping properties, and land-grabbing have been filed against the gang at the city’s police stations.

People were fed up with the anti-social activities of the gang, which has a history of having committed over 25 different offences. The Mindi gang is known to have assaulted even police teams and civic body teams. The police have detained 5 members of the gang including their leader, Arif Ghulamrasul Mindi. The police are focusing their probe on whether the gang is involved in crimes outside Surat city. DeshGujarat.

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