A person from Noida booked for flying drone camera over Somnath Mandir

Prabhas Patan: The police nabbed a person who was accused of flying a drone-cam over the Somnath Temple. This person was recognised as a Noida resident, DSS Desaraju Venkata Ramarao.

The famous Somnath Temple’s premises are fortified with Z-Plus security. Any act of recording or shooting through a drone-cam is prohibited around the temple. A man was caught by the police, accused of flying a drone camera over the temple and breaking the public order issued. An SRP police officer spotted the drone, and the person flying it was immediately tracked down. The police caught the accused – DSS Desaraju Venkata Ramarao, who’s a Noida Sector-62, UP resident.

DSS Desaraju was caught with a drone, a memory card, and a remote control. Keeping in mind the intensity of this event, he was interrogated by senior police officers inquiring about the intentions of this incident. DeshGujarat

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