Golf-balls producing venture in Bharuch district has orders worth Rs 3 crore on its books

Bharuch: A Gujarati has embarked on a unique venture at the Saikha GIDC in Vagra taluka of Bharuch district as part of the ‘Make in India’ initiative, which has received orders worth crores of rupees.

Shreyam Shah is a chartered accountant based in Mumbai but his aspiration to do something new made him book a plot in Saikha GIDC of Vagra taluka during the annual Vibrant Gujarat summits.

With the intention of manufacturing something completely different, he set his sights on producing golf balls, a sport which is popular all over the world although not so much so in India.

Shah’s venture at Saikha GIDC began producing golf balls without any orders to begin with. The first order that the venture was able to book was worth a mere Rs 5,000. In its four-year long journey so far, the company has orders worth Rs 2.5 crore – Rs 3 crore worth of golf balls.

It is a matter of pride for the state that south Asia’s only golf ball producing company is based in Bharuch. In order to establish India’s identity in the golfing arena, the golf balls are being produced under the brand name ‘+91’.

The Tee-venture company in Bharuch is directly competing with golf ball manufacturers based overseas. The comp8 and any exports golf balls to around 12-15 countries located in different continents of the world. It even sells golf balls at a price of Rs 50 per ball in the domestic market, which is quiet economical compared to imported golf balls.

This company has 120 employees as of today and produces 25,000 golf balls daily, but the plant has been upgraded to manufacture 1.5 lakh golf balls per day.

Shreyam Shah claims that the venture is completely non-toxic and non-polluting. The waste material and the rejected golf balls are recycled to be used again in production. DeshGujarat

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