Shahbaz Khan, AAP’s ‘frustrated poor youth of Gujarat’ turns out to be an actor ; Netizens dig out and share his details

Gandhinagar: Shahbaz Khan, a person who during an event in Bhuj, called Arvind Kejriwal the last hope, turned out to be an actor. The question is now being asked by a lot of netizens on social media platforms, whether Kejriwal and his party “roped in the actor” to churn out “scripted lies”!

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief and Delhi Chief Minister Arind Kejriwal was in Kutch district of Gujarat on Tuesday for an address and interaction programme which was held at the Seven Sky hotel. During the interaction, a person named Shahbaz Khan stood up and claimed he was 22 years old and had left education after class 7th. He claimed that the Modi government had done nothing and kejriwal was the last hope. He claimed he is a poor person.

The Aam Aadmi Party’s twitter handle highlighted Shahbaz Khan’s remarks and stated that this was the level of frustration of Gujarat’s youth against BJP. A lot of AAP supporters also circulated the clip.

However when his online presence was explored, Shahbaz Khan actually turned out to be an actor, as per his Instagram profile. Contrary to his claim that he’s a poor person, the netizens have discovered number of pictures and videos in which Shahbaz Khan can be seen travelling in plane, playing with cash, having hookah and more. The netizens in various tweets are asking whether Kejriwal has started roping in actors to circulate lies in favor of AAP? There are a lot of memes circulating as well on social media platforms after this expose.

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