Ahmedabad Police book 6 history sheeters under GujCTOC Act

Ahmedabad: The police have booked six history sheeters of Jamalpur area under GujCTOC Act for beating up a youth on 11th September.

A youth filed a complaint at Gaikwad Haveli Police Station in Ahmedabad alleging that six accused named Hamza Pathan, Balamkhan Pathan, Mazharkhan Pathan, Ajimkhan Pathan, Sherbazkhan Pathan and Sharifkhan Pathan beat him at night on 11th September. It caused him serious injuries. The accused allegedly escaped from there after the locals gathered. The youth was admitted to the hospital for treatment. The youth then filed a complaint against Hamza Pathan, his father Balamkhan Pathan and four other accomplices for beating him.

The police have booked the accused under GujCTOC. The zone 3 DCP squad has nabbed 2 accused out of the six from Jamalpur. The two accused nabbed by the police are Sherbazkhan Pathan and Sharifkhan Pathan. The two accused out of the six are in jail. They will be nabbed through a transfer warrant. The remaining two accused have absconded.


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