AAP candidate says liquor is not bad, drink if you have strength ; Video goes viral

Junagadh: The video of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) candidate Jagmal Vala advising to drink liquor while addressing during election campaigning has gone viral on social media.

He says in the viral video clip, “There is a population of 800 crore, and 196 countries in the world. Liquor is allowed in all 196 countries. India has population of 130 to 140 crore, and drinking liquor is allowed in the country. Liquor Ban is only in Gujarat with a population of 6,5 crore. It proves that Liquor is not bad. The problem is that the liquor drinks us. If we drink liquor, then it is not bad. Drink Liquor if you have the strength. Renowned Doctors and IAS also drink liquor.”


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