LD Arts Principal files Police Complaint against NSUI leader after attack

Sabarmati: NSUI leader Arjun Rabari allegedly damaged the principal office in LD Arts college in Ahmedabad.

NSUI student leader Arjun Rabari had allegedly captured a female professor in a room 2 days ago. The female professor complained about it to the principal. The principal then called him for inquiry, following which he allegedly damaged the office of the principal at the college. The principal has filed a police complaint against him. The incident is also recorded in the CCTV footage at the college.

The student leaders of NSUI Akash Rabari, Arjun Rabari and Jil Desai are alleged of capturing the professor in rooms, and bullying and using abusive words for the students, as per the complaints raised by the students and staff. DeshGujarat