Cows from Kutch reach Dwarkadhish Mandir to fulfill vow of devotee

Dwarka: A devotee reached Dwarkadhish Mandir from Kutch with his 25 cows by walking a distance of 450 kms to fulfill his vow.

Mahadev Desai, a resident of Medak bet in Rapar taluka of Kutch had prayed Dwarkadhish to save his cows from lumpy disease. He had vowed to bring his cows to Dwarkadhish mandir for darshan if they are saved from lumpy disease. His 25 cows recovered from lumpy disease and none of them died. So, he, along with his 25 cows walked 450 kms and reached Dwarkadhish Mandir. He walked with 5 other cattle keepers and 25 cows for 17 days to reach there.

They reached Dwarkadhish Mandir on 21st November. The administration specially opened the gates of mandir in night for cows to do darshan. The 25 cows went inside the mandir and performed darshan. DeshGujarat