PM is ‘P’ for Paseena and ‘M’ for Mahenat : Patra on PM Modi’s Gujarat campaign

Ahmednagar: National Stockperson of Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), Dr. Sambit Patra took jibe at both opposition parties congress and Aam Aadmi Party while addressing the media form State Media center of BJP here in Ahmedabad.

Talking about the work that Prime Minster Modi puts in while campaigning for elections Patra said, “PM Modi works harder from morning to night like a booth level cadre. Full form of PM is ‘P’ for Paseena and ‘M’ for Mahenat for him. And as a result of that BJP will come to power with massive majority.”

“On the other hand see Rahul Gandhi he is doing zero handwork. He came only for three public meetings and in one of those meetings, his own party cadre Bharatsinh Solanki left translation in between,” Patra said taking a jib at Rahul Gandhi.

Later, In reply to a media query Sambit Patra in Gujarat discusses possible reasons for Rahul Gandhi and other big Congress leaders running away from Gujarat campaign while PM is working so hard for round the clock even when it is his home-state.

“Does Rahul not consider Gujarat and Himachal part of Bharat, may be this is one reason he is nit coming here, or his party leaders must have told him that don’t go to Gujarat because if he comes here, congress might loose 1 or 2 seats that they can win,” said Sambit.

Sambit further told the media that, “While BJP will break record of winning highest number of seats, Congress will break record of least number of seat in Gujarat polls. National Secretary of Congress and Rahul Gandhi aide BM Sandeep and Ashok Gehlot aide Uday Gujarat were out to collect Rs. 75 lakh in Surat. This video that has come out today reveals the sense of frustration in congress party.”

On the question of Arvind Kejriwal Sambit said, ” Kejriwal ji just talks. His hawa is just on Facebook, so no need to take him seriously, the people know this already.”