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Seven New Gadgets You Need Now!

August 26, 2021

Who doesn't love new technology? Every year dozens of tech gadgets hit the market that improves our lives. Whether it's a fresh take on noise-canceling headphones or a notebook you can use forever, there's little more exciting than reviewing the list of contraptions and other devices that are ready to improve our lives. Arcade1Up Infinity Game Table For years, people have collected board games. If you're one of the lucky ones, you still have the pieces to all of them. However, it's nearly impo...Read More

Lucky Number 7 Continues to be an Important Talking Point in Indian Entertainment

July 08, 2021

India is well-known around the world for its use of symbolism, particularly when it comes to numbers. From the symbols indicating a life path, to applications in mindfulness activities, the nation has historically stood as an authority on such matters, with perhaps only the Chinese zodiac being more famed. Still, symbology isn’t merely a way of perceiving the world from ancient times, with many of its laws and teachings being applied in the modern age. This is most poignantly seen in the w...Read More

India’s Gaming Industry: How Does It Compare?

June 21, 2021

Over the last few years, there’s been an unexpected and exponential rise of online gamers. The gaming industry is already vast, with thousands of companies releasing hundreds of games in many diverse genres every year. So how does India’s gaming industry fit in with the rest of the world? A Growing Industry Between 2021 and 2025, India’s online casual gaming industry is projected to grow and expand at a rate of 29%, reaching ₹169 billion. Right now, the market segment is ₹60 bill...Read More

Best Gadgets for Gamers 2021

June 18, 2021
Best Gadgets for Gamers 2021

The Indian gaming scene is flourishing. It has seen the introduction and quick adoption of various hi-tech gadgets. This tech runs the gamut from handheld devices to personal computers, with the common denominator being the ability to access a good quality internet connection. There is a distinction between online gaming and online gambling. Online gaming is where players play interactive computer games where their success is based purely on skills or stratagem employed. This is usually purel...Read More

New cyber-control hub to check pornography, online trolls

July 18, 2016
New cyber-control hub to check pornography, online trolls

New Delhi: Keeping child pornography and online trolling in check will be high on the agenda of a cyber-control hub being set up by the Home Ministry. The Rs 400-crore state-of-the-art centre, Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre (IC4), is being set up to tackle all cyber crime including child pornography and online abuse. "The work on IC4 has been going on. Once it is ready, it will deal with cyber crimes like child pornography and online trolling with priority," a Home Ministry officia...Read More

Data analysts earn more than IT engineers, says report

June 24, 2016

Mumbai: Difficult screening and a higher cut-off benchmark explain why data analysts earn more than software engineers at a fresher level, according to a report. "Data analysts are earning more than software engineers, which indicates that demand-supply gap is higher in the case of the former. Compared to roles in IT services, companies evaluate candidates for analytical roles through assessments that have higher difficulty and cut-off benchmarks," says the report put together by CoCubes ...Read More

GPS enabled app for live tracking of kids launched

June 20, 2016

Thiruvananthapuram: A Kochi-based start-up has launched a GPS enabled app that gives parents a live update on the movement of their children to school and back. 'Guardians', an innovative product developed by Transight Systems Pvt Ltd was launched at the Rajagiri Public School Kalamassery in Kochi in the presence of Director of Rajagiri Schools, Father Varghese Kachapilly. It is a smart identification system that includes a smart identity card for each student and a Radio Frequency Card ...Read More

Reliance Jio files police complaint against contractors in Rajkot

March 08, 2015

Rajkot/Ahmedabad Reliance Jio, telecom arm of flagship Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL), lodged police complaint against the contractors, who were responsible for laying another company’s optical fiber cable (OFC) network illegally, along with laying R-Jio’s OFCs. The company lodged the complaint with crime branch at Rajkot on March 7, 2015. An FIR is registered against the culprits – Dipak C Kachhadia, proprietor of M/s. Dipak C. Kachhadia, Arjan Patel, proprietor of M/s. AA Patel an...Read More

Facebook open to solar plane-based internet services in India

March 04, 2015

From Prasoon Srivastava Barcelona Social media giant Facebook is interested in testing internet services through solar-powered plane in India and other telecom connectivity technologies it is developing. "We are really in development of technologies at connectivity lab. We are not yet launching any pilots. We will in the future, and we are entirely open to launching it in India because there is such a great opportunity in India to connect the unconnected," Facebook Vice President of Inte...Read More

Toshiba, Gujarat based Einfochips to develop chips for Google’s Ara modules

February 04, 2015

Ahmedabad Techno major Toshiba in collaboration with Gujarat-based Einfochips will provide chips for Google's revolutionary modular smartphone project, 'Ara', a senior company executive said here today. "Google is designing modular smartphones in which different modules can be assembled as one smart-phone," said senior vice president and chief technology officer, Toshiba, USA, Shardul Kazi. "Toshiba will make chips which can be used in modules and in the ba...Read More

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