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Shri Somnath Trust earns Rs. 5.98 crore revenue during holy month of Shravan this year

September 03, 2019
Shri Somnath Trust earns Rs. 5.98 crore revenue during holy month of Shravan this year

Prabhas Patan: Shri Somnath Trust has registered Rs. 5.98 crore revenue through donations, puja vidhi fees, prashad and Trust owned guest houses (atithi griha) during holy Shravan month. According to Shri Somnath Trust, the visitors had Rs. 2.13 crore Shiv prashad that include laddu and chikki. Parking department earned Rs. 11.50 lakh. Shri Somnath Trust has installed counting machines to count the number of visitors automatically. As per this, total 18 lakh people visited Somnath t...Read More

Thousands gather at Somnath temple on Shravan Somvar

August 05, 2019
Thousands gather at Somnath temple on Shravan Somvar

Prabhas Patan Somnath: Thousands of visitors had darshan of Somnath Mahadev at Somnath temple here today on Somvar (Monday) of holy Shravan month. The temple opened at 4.00 am. Palkhi yatra commenced at 9.00 am. Jamnagar based Jadeja family offered a turben to Somnath Mahadev like every year. The turban was made after hard work of one month by artist Golaplbhai Pithadiya. A group of 21 members of Chalta Bol Bam Group from Chhattisgarh (Bilaspur) arrived in Somnath with Ganga jal from...Read More

Shravan 2018 in Gujarat from August 12

July 31, 2018
Shravan 2018 in Gujarat from August 12

Gandhinagar: Auspicious Shravan month in Gujarat will begin from August 12 this year. Some of major festivals during the month will include Janmashtami, Raksha Bandhan, Nag Panchami, Shitla Satam, Durgashtami, Dashama vrat and Shivratri. Apart from this, the holidays of Independence Day, Pateti, Bakra Eid will also come in this period. Shravan is considered a holy month dedicated to bhakti, puja, archana of Hindu Gods. Mondays during Shravan are considered most auspicious. Devotees visit Shiv...Read More

Auspicious month of Shravan begins

July 27, 2014

Ahmedabad, 27 July 2014 The auspicious month of Gujarati Hindus Shravan begins today. The month will conclude on 25th of August with Amas. Some of the festivals/holidays during the holy month of Shravan are following: 27 July - Pushya Nakshatra(begining of Shravan) 10 August - Raksh Bandhan/Balev (holiday) 14 August - Nag Panchami 16 August - Shitala Satam 17 August - Janmashtami (holiday) 18 August - Parana 25 August Somvati Amavasya(end of Shrava...Read More

Holy month of Shravan begins, Gujarat gears up for series of festivals

August 07, 2013

By our correspondent, Somnath, 7 August 2013 Holy month of Shravan begins today. Besides thousands of small Shiv mandirs, Gujarat has two Jyotirlinga - Shri Somnath mahadev mandir at Somnath and Nageshwar mandir near Dwarka. Both will attract lacs of visitors during the holy month which ends at 5th of September. The month of Shravan will witness several festivals. Raksha bandhan will be celebrated on 20th of August, Nag panchami on 25th, Janmashtami will be celebra...Read More

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