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Gujarat Summit and new beginning of Indo-Japan relationship

September 06, 2017
Gujarat Summit and new beginning of Indo-Japan relationship

By SominduS "No nation has contributed so much to India’s modernisation and progress than Japan – cars, metros and industrial parks, for example. And, no partner is likely to play as big a role in India’s transformation as Japan.“ - Indian PM Narendra Modi during Singapore lectures on 25th November, 2015 The sentence above sums up beautifully the unique relationship between two nations and lauds the contribution of previous leaders from both countries. PM Abe has been on record ...Read More

India and Japan : A Symbiotic Mutualism Relationship

December 12, 2015
India and Japan : A Symbiotic Mutualism Relationship

By Somindu.S. Ahmedabad, 12 December 2015 The short yet most path breaking Abe’s visit inspired me to look at some of the parallel developments and how Modi-Abe partnership is transforming the bilateral relationship and who are the key people to watch for. Modi is fond of PPP model and incidentally Prabhu, Parikaar and Piyush (PPP) are cornerstone of 'Make in India' through their respective portfolio. Coupled with Modiplomacy led by Sushma Swaraj, the team is working hard to transf...Read More

What is Modi Sarkar Doing? – Deciphering Parekh Syndrome

February 20, 2015

[caption id="attachment_74686" align="alignnone" width="790"] Prime Minister Narendra Modi launching Jan Dhan Yojana[/caption] By Somindu S For both his supporters and detractors there is one question which media harps on.....What is Modi sarkar doing? They all had hoped (supporters genuinely and detractors reluctantly) that there will be big bang reforms. But since this Govt is engrossed in doing work rather than PR in TV studios, the general perception given to ...Read More

#MoDiplomacy meets #Abenomics : New Dawn of Indo-Japan Relationship

August 19, 2014

By Somindu.S. Ahmedabad, 19 August 2014 There is a lot of excitement being built on forthcoming visit of Indian PM Modi to Japan. The article looks into preparations and what to expect. On 20th May, 2014 Shinzo Abe called his Indian counterpart Modi to congratulate him on one of the most outstanding victories of Indian Democracy. Both of them had leisurely 15 minutes talk. The transcript notwithstanding, sources closer to know reveal that both l...Read More

Time for Abe-Modi Doctrine: Order of Rising Asia

May 20, 2014

By Somindu.S, Ahmedabad, 20 May, 2014 Time for Abe-Modi Doctrine: Order of Rising Asia Way back in 2012 November, I wrote about Abe and Modi and had predicted that these two leaders will be crucial in transforming bilateral ties for better world. You may read the first detailed article on these two. ( In 2012, both the leaders were facing elections for top pos...Read More

Abki Baar Modi Sarkaar and meaning of Modi – Moude in Japanese

March 11, 2014

By SominduS (Follow author on Twitter @SominduS) Ahmedabad, 11 March 2014 Last time Nikkei wrote on Modi’s advent they used word Kuronin (literally meaning someone whose rise on hard work in spite of adversity), invoking Abraham Lincoln image. Read here my previous article. Now they have used a word Modi-Moude. Read on to know what it means and how beyond chaos, noise and Dramas portrayed in our media, how global media sees Indian Election. Moditiva, Modinom...Read More

Indo-Japan Joint Declaration sings to “Modi Aane Wala Hai” tune

February 07, 2014

By Somindu.S. Ahmedabad, 7 February 2014 Japanese PM Shinzo Abe was the chief guest for Republican Day parade as first Japanese Premier to receive the honor. What is more significant about his visit was that he came in the middle of ongoing important parliament session in Japan. The gesture was something unprecedented even by Japanese standards. It shows his trust in India and his focus in building a long term relationship. There are many bilateral agreements signed...Read More

Suzuki Motor Gujarat: What it means for Suzuki, Gujarat and India story

January 30, 2014

By Somindu.S. Ahmedabad, 30 January 2014 Once I was searching BSE website and was in surprise to find that besides Bharat, Hindustan and India it is Gujarat as a name most commonly used in listed company on BSE. No other state come closer. Probably It has to do with Gujarat’s Joint sector promotion policies of past or large investors’ base. But many could agree it is the state's brand associated with business that might have inspired people to trust Gujarat and reta...Read More

JINDIA Opportunity: Go West slogan of Japan and Narendra Modi’s Gujarat

January 20, 2014

By Somindu.S. Ahmedabad, 20 January 2014 In 2011, GoldmanSachs offered their valued customer a new fund comprising of 25 Japanese companies, whose stocks could unlock value based on their exposure or investment plans in India. They called it “JINDIA Opportunity” (#GSSZJIND). Their report focuses on “huge synergy between Third and Fourth Largest economy of the world which largely goes unnoticed.” Below is the paragraph I quote from the report. With the help o...Read More

KURONIN Narendra Modi and how Chaiwala tag has global relevance

November 24, 2013

By Somindu.S. Ahmedabad, 24 November 2013 Yesterday as prelude to this article I shared why Narendra Modi is seen as great hope for countries keen to engage India as responsible global citizen. Today I would like to share yet again unprecedentedly large coverage to Narendra Modi in Nikkei on 12th November 2013. 1264 worded article on International section for Nikkei mean a lot. It is even bigger than previous 900 worded, which announced red-carpet welcome for Modi ...Read More